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Our Story

on May 18, 2014

Once Upon a Time ……… and  Happily Ever After; are phrases that generally make up a good story. If we slow down from the busyness of life we will notice that everyone has a story.  Sometimes our stories end with Happily Ever After and sometimes it’s To Be Continued.  What’s your story? Have you ever thought about how your story may help someone else?   Consider the following: 1.   Don’t be afraid to share your story.  2.  Share your story only when you feel the time is right.  3. Be prepared for ALL feedback as a result of sharing your story.  Everyone may not like your transparency or understand why you are sharing your story.   Here is a small portion of our story.  Be Blessed.


2 responses to “Our Story

  1. Dani says:

    There really are so many of us out there.

    Hoping you continue to share your story and empower those who hear it.


  2. Leslie S. says:

    Very heartfelt testimony! I agree, its a topic we shy away from. Thank You for all of our special talks, your experience helped me keep the faith 😉

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