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No Excuses

Earlier this week I saw a news story that shook me to my core.  A mother and father were arrested for not feeding their two- month-old baby for five days.  Deplorable!!! I fought back the tears while watching this 2-minute segment and thought of my own children.  Imagine the crying that took place and the pain felt by that precious child.  My twins are almost 2 months old and they have a cry that is out of this world signifying that they are ready to be fed.  The hunger cry is a very piercing sound unlike any other cry. As a mother I can’t get to them fast enough to provide nourishment.  Thus, it is hard for me to believe that parents can sit in a house and listen to a child cry because the child is hungry and do nothing about it.

There are no excuses for not feeding a child. I’ve tried to put myself in the parents’ shoes and think of various scenarios as to why they did not feed the child, but there are just no excuses.

  • They could have reached out to governmental agencies that provide support for women and children.
  • The couple could have visited a food bank.
  • The couple could have talked with a social worker at the hospital where the baby was born and asked for help.
  • What about family and friends, could the couple not reach out to them on behalf of the baby?
  • I wonder did the mother try nursing the child.
  • Did the parents eat in the past five days?

There are no excuses.  Nothing explains the parents’ behavior.

This story infuriates me because there are millions of people in the United States alone who desire to become parents.  There are some like myself who are parents but it did not come easy.  And this couple was given the gift of parenthood and has abused it.  There are many who would have taken this baby into their homes and loved him unconditionally if the parents did not want to assume the responsibility.  I would love to hear the parents’ side of the story. I’m seeking to understand their mindset.

Thankfully the baby is okay and is in protective custody.  You can read more about this story here. 

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Television Show

As a teen-ager I was very intrigued by the Oprah Winfrey Show.  I recall writing a letter to Oprah asking her to come and speak at my high school graduation.  Prior to the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) I submitted a show idea and my video was on the OWN website as many voted for me to host a show on Oprah’s network.  Although I never heard a response from the talk show queen I always held the desire to host a show close to my heart.  Then one day when I wasn’t thinking about a talk show the opportunity presented itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am pleased to announce that I will host a weekly talk show beginning this fall!!!!!!

So you ask what’s the show concept?   Its about health, family and relationships. Its about our struggles as well as our successes. It will show us how to turn our  pain into our purpose. Its about life. Its about you! A talk show for the entire family.

The show will air every Sunday at 9:00 am on Bounce TV WIS-TV digital channel 10.3 and Time Warner Cable Channel 122, beginning September 7, 2014.

If you are not in the Midlands of South Carolina don’t worry, we will also post each show on our You Tube Channel so make sure you subscribe.

Join in the excitement!!! Beginning today we will launch a “show name” contest.  Yes, that’s right.  Contact me via this blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let me know what you think we should name the show.  The contest will end July 27th and winner announced August 3rd.  The winner will be mentioned on the first episode of the show.


The Struggle is Real

Today I urge you to listen to this heartfelt radio segment where four women share their journey to motherhood.  A special thanks to Stacey Sherrell the host of Friday at Five on WGCV 620 am a Glory Communications Station. Also thanks to the women who had the courage to share their story.  I believe that many will be blessed by this segment.





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