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Don’t Forget

on August 31, 2014

I posted this last week but it’s worth repeating.

Recently I came across pictures from Mother’s Day 2013.  IMG_1582My husband (Marcus) arranged for someone to capture the moment as he and our 8 month old son Marc presented me with a bouquet of flowers following the Mother’s Day program at church.  I was the morning speaker and my Pastor (Rev. Dr. Ronnie E. Brailsford, Sr.) came to give remarks as he normally does but this time he called Marcus to the pulpit for a special presentation. I was taken aback as Marcus not only publicly displayed his affection but also spoke briefly about all of the challenges we endured.  It is very difficult to surprise me, but he was able to pull it off with the help of great friends.  He reminded me that every time I endured a loss and felt pain so did he, and when I had moments where I was mad at God, so was he and when I was at a loss for words oftentimes so was he.  However, we never experienced our lowest moments at the same time.  Therefore we were there to comfort one another in our time of greatest need.  Then God reminded me that although we had Marc we must never forget our journey and that it was our assignment to help others.  Therefore when people wonder why do I write about infertility when I have three children it’s because I will never forget.

I will never forget the years and the tears to Marc, Caleb and Kyle.

I will never forget the heartache and they pain, fighting back the tears ( for 3 years) every month when Aunt Flow came to visit.

I will never forget the church members and family members who said things like, “what are you waiting on, you are going to be too old soon, the bible says be fruitful and multiply.” Little did they know Icould have experienced a miscarriage two weeks earlier.

I will never forget the dagger to my heart when I heard the words “no heartbeat.”

I will never forget waking up one Saturday morning to volunteer and give the opening prayer at a Mother/Daughter relationship conference and all I see is blood in the toilet.

I will never forget rushing to the hospital on a separate occasion with  intense cramps praying all the way with my husband that we were not experiencing a miscarriage, only to see blood dripping from the cot as we waited in the hallway after several hours because there was no bed available in the emergency room.

I will never forget having to call a friend to drive me to an urgent care facility because my husband was out of town and hear a doctor say, “oh you are probably having a miscarriage, the pain will pass soon.” And he sent me home without a bit of remorse, words of comfort or care.

I will never forget.  I don’t care if I birth 10 children and adopt 10 more those three angles will always be apart of me.  I will always hold a special place in my heart for those who desire to be parents. I will always lend an ear and be the voice of reason for anyone who needs me. I will always try to persuade others to be sensitive to the topic of childbirth because you don’t know what a person is going through.

I urge you also don’t forget!

Don’t forget to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Don’t forget to do unto others as you will have them do unto you.

Don’t forget to count your blessings there is someone who wants to be in your shoes.

Finally, don’t forget the bridge that  brought you over. Reach back and help someone else.  Don’t allow pride and arrogance to over-take you.

Don’ Forget- I Love You!

Until next time,




20 responses to “Don’t Forget

  1. Courtney Burnett says:

    What an encourager you are!!!!

  2. Lavina Natasha Moss says:

    Dear FATHER, thank for allowing me to know this amazing young lady. Thank you for using her to accomplish your will in the lives of others. I pray that she will continue to glorify you in all that she does and that she will continue to uplift and encourage others like myself. Amen!

  3. Tonya Brown says:

    This is so touching and brings to mind my miscarriage in May, after being pregnant for only 5-7 weeks. The pregnancy was unexpected, being that I was 41 and pregnant for the first time. But we were excited then devastated when I In lost the baby (started bleeding at a wedding reception). Thank you for sharing, may God continue to bless you all, and please remain the beautiful spirit that you are!

    • schrendria says:

      Tonya forgive me for not reaching out to you. I got your number from someone as soon as I heard and I never made the call. Please know that I prayed for you and your husband and continue to pray for you. If you ever have questions or want to talk don’t hesitate to call.

  4. Michelle Jacobs says:

    I’m so glad you are sharing your story. I’m sure you are helping many women that have had the same experience. I never thought I would get over not being able to have children, but because I have so many to love from friends and family my heart doesn’t ache anymore.
    Great blog Schrendria

  5. I will say it again…your transparency amazes me! You continue to shed light on an otherwise dark situation that is real to so many who suffer silently! People can in their unintended ignorance be so cruel with their assumptions thinking you’re waiting to have children when in reality you’re having major battles with your own body and God Himself! I know what that’s like maybe not from your stance but I am all too familiar. You give me hope. You help me to see it is not too late and when He gets ready to bless me….I better be ready because He will go above and beyond what I could even ask to think! God bless you!

  6. Corey says:

    Wow..i knew..but didn’t know! I am so proud of you and my glad you shared to remind all of us never to forget or take for granted those things that God has blessed us with…
    That’s a powerful Word HE has placed in you..Continue to let it out and spread the good news!
    Love yal both

  7. Kendra Richburg-Blanton says:

    Your Testimony and encouragement are a blessing!!! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mal Rob says:

    Beautiful testimony, Schrendria. Needless to say, when you and Marcus went through these emotional sad times, so did his Dad and I. We hurt when our children hurt and are happy when you are happy. God heard out prayers of your being parents. We prayed even when you didn’t realize that we are having our talks with The Lord. God is soooo faithful and even now, I tear up just thinking of how He has blessed our family in soooo many ways. All praises go to Him and Him alone. God is an Awesomw God!

    • schrendria says:

      Yes He is Awesome. We can truly say now that we have a better understanding of how you felt. It hurts us now if we see the boys suffering from a cold or other minor ailments. As a parent you feel so helpless when there is nothing you can do to stop the pain. However we all can pray and we thank you and the rest of the family for your prayers. He delivered.

  9. Teresa Niles says:

    Wow! This is so touching. There is nothing like the hurt of a miscarriage and and nothing like the joy of birth. Thanks for being a blessing.

  10. Kim Smith says:

    It was just this morning when my baby girl walked into our bedroom and I heard the sweetest voice say, “Good morning mommy” that I grabbed her tight and took a few moments to thank God for her and my son. They are a blessing that I don’t take for granted. It was a journey to get them here and it doesn’t stop after birth. Now I pray God keeps them safe, healthy, happy and away from evil!

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