Baby Please!

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The few times I’ve been out with the twins I’ve heard the same comment, “you make it look easy.”   People look in awe at how calm the boys are and how well I handle them simotaneously.  The outings primarily consists of doctor visits, where even the pediatrician commended me and my husband on making parenting three children under two look easy.

Well let me sound the alarm—IT’S NOT EASY–BUT IT’S WORTH IT!!

Although the assignment given to us is a bit challenging at times we would not have it any other way.  We prayed for these little miracles and now that we have them we couldn’t be happier. God gave us twins when we had a 21 month old son because He knew we could handle it.  There are times when I begin to feel overwhelmed and even think about having a pity party.  However , I quickly snap out of it when I think of the three babies that we lost and when I think of the millions of women who want to be a mom.  I realize that I have three precious gifts and I am equipped to care for them and love them unconditionally.

When Jesus walked the dusty streets to the Cross some would say he made it look easy.   He did not complain on the journey or waddle in self-pity because he knew that he was fulfilling his assignment.  That’ s how I view this journey. God has assigned to our hands these three boys and I cheerfully say not my will but your will be done.  Some may say you are missing out on so many great things because you are always home with the boys.  I feel the exact opposite.  I am having the time of my life watching them grow.  Before our sons arrived we traveled to several countries, took extravaggant vacations, attended concerts and seminars meeting and posing with numerous A-list celebrities. And all of those things fail in comparison to hearing the words moma and daddy for the first time, seeing them take that first step or hearing the words I love you. There is a time and a season for everything and this is my time to be Mommy-in-Chief.

When you see us out in public I will make it look easy.  When you see me at home I may make it look easy.  But know that I am praying constantly for guidance, wisdom and even a pleasant disposition as I raise these boy to become great men.  Daily I cast down thoughts and imaginations that are contrary to spirit of God.  When I feel overwhelmed or attacked or boarder-lined depressed, I know where those feelings are coming from and I know that it is time to FIGHT.  Thus I revert back to my high school cheer days and recite the words of one of my favorite chants.

“How we gonna beat them? EASY man.  How we gonna beat them?  EASY man.

With what?  TEAMwork. With what?  TEAMwork.

E-A-S-Y-Easy man EASY!!!!”
Easy ButtonUntil next time,